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June 2015

Pioneer Backs New Campaign to Support U.S. Navy

By News

Pioneer Industries, Inc. sits on the executive committee of a new campaign, America’s Strength, whose primary goal is to raise public awareness of the underfunding and overextension that could break the Navy-Marine Corps team. America’s Strength, the Navy League of the United States campaign, brings together humanitarian organizations, businesses and retired military officers to inform the United States as a whole that our Navy-Marine Corps team is close to its breaking point. The campaign urges Congress to act and invest now, before the Department of the Navy cannot reverse the long-term, detrimental impacts that an inadequate budget and over-demand will have on the nation’s defense, economy and position as a world leader. Since 2001, the size of the Navy and Marine Corps has steadily decreased even as the number of missions and operations has increased. The combination of increased daily operations and responding to crises, and delayed maintenance due to a lack of funding, is crippling the Navy and Marine Corps.

To learn more about the America’s Strength campaign, visit