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May 2015

DLA Business Alliance Awards

By News

Pioneer Industries has been nominated by the DLA for the 2015 Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Business Alliance Awards. The Business Alliance Awards is designed to recognize industry partners and customers for their outstanding efforts in providing quality products and services, and assisting in the accomplishment of the DLA Mission. Pioneer has been nominated in the following categories: Vendor Excellence, Outstanding Readiness Support Contractors, Commanders’ Choice Award, and Recognized Cost Saver Award. Best of luck to all of the fellow nominees.

Baltimore Trip

By News

Members of the Pioneer team traveled to Baltimore to meet with several vendors and a customer. The visit gave Pioneer an opportunity to meet additional key members in Sales and Engineering, to see and further understand vendor products, and discuss strategies to win future business.  One of the meetings was with a new “start- up” vendor.  Topics discussed during this meeting included how the Preferred Vendor Program can benefit the newly rising company.  Pioneer visited a customer in the area to gain feedback on how to better support their needs.

Lockheed Martin 100% Grade

By News

Pioneer Industries is pleased to report we have received a 100% Supplier Performance report from Lockheed Martin. The Quality rating includes five components: Part rejects, Floor rejects, Supplier Cause and Corrective Action Requests (SCARs) issued, SCAR response time, and Supplier caused customer escapes. The Delivery rating includes: Parts delivered on time to purchase order contract.